Hypertheory Training

Hypertheory Training classes are intructor-led, usually multi-day, classes delivered virtually for software developers.

Our training is designed to help individuals and organizations address gaps in their developer skillset.

All classes are taught by Jeff Gonzalez, a software developer with 35 years of experience as a professional software developer, and 25 years experience developing and delivering training to developers across the world.

Current Focus of Training

Hypertheory Training is currently focused on helping developers in two key areas:

DevOps Technologies and Culture

Hypertheory has developed training for anyone involved with the creation and release of software using DevOps and Cloud Native technolgies. For many organizations, these processes and technologies feel like an interruption to the established ways we've been building and deploying software. This two-day training is a "show me the money!" course - focusing on the benefits to you as a developer and your team for adopting these processes and technologies to increase not only our ability to satisfy the needs of our customers, but also our developer joy. See an outline for the training here.

Frontend Applications using Angular

For developers that are familiar with web technologies, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, frontend frameworks can be a great blessing. We can deliver user experiences never before possible without using closed, native development tools. They are not without their complexity, though. Developing good, stateful, and responsive applications that live in the browser takes some thought. Frameworks like Angular can do a lot of the heavy lifting, but developers need to have proper training to design, build, and test Angular applications.

Hypertheory's Angular Developer Training will take you or your team's skills in the right direction for building applications that are responsive, reliable, and provable through testing.

Note: Hypertheory also has training availble for React and Elm developers, as well as introductory training for developers new to the web platform, including building server-side applications with ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Razor Pages, Ruby on Rails, as well as Next.js. These courses are not listed now, but if you have an interest, let us know.

Cloud Native Service Development

Our Services Training Courses,We start with a firm foundation on DevOps practices because without the proper training and mindset, deploying services to an orchestrated environment (Kubernetes), inside containers can create a mess. Developers learn proper application of source control, configuration management, and how to develop and deploy independent services.

The training takes the developers through the basics, to how to create .NET Http APIs, testing, and building complete Kubernetes solutions.