Angular Development

Hypertheory's Angular developer training is designed for frontend web developers wishing to deepen their Angular skills and learn how to successfully design, build, and test Angular applications that run in a cloud native, enterprise environment.

Prerequisites to Courses

Front-End Web 100 is Retired

Developers attending Hypertheory's Angular training be competent in the following topics and skills:

  • Deep understanding of the web and associated technologies (HTTP, Web Browsers, Web Browser APIs)
  • HTML, including semantic HTML and accessibility
  • Basic understanding of CSS
  • JavaScript, including DOM manipulation with JavaScript and accessing the browser APIs (geolocation, indexeddb, fetch, etc.)
  • Basic understanding of Angular, including NgModules, Components, basic routing, etc.

Angular State Management with NGRX

Previously Hypertheory Course Frontend Web 200

The course Angular State Management with NGRX (3 days) is the starting point.

Angular Developer Testing

This course is roughly equivalent to the previous Hypertheory Training Course "Angular Developer Testing", but upgraded for 2022. It assumes developers know not only Angular, but also Redux with NGRX, so it is required you attend Angular State Management with NGRX prior to this course, or the old Frontend Web 200.

Advanced Angular Development

New Course

This course includes content from the previous Hypertheory Training Courses Frontend Web 300, Frontend Web Integration Patterns, but also extends those concepts using more up-to-date practices.